dōTERRA Essential Oil Blends

doTERRA Proprietary Blends are formulated with the perfect combination of different essential oils to work effectively and be the best remedy for your body. Each blend is made from CPTG, or Certified Pure Tested Grade, essential oils.

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dōTERRA Easy Air® Clear Blend - 15ml

28 reviews
$4533 NZD
dōTERRA On Guard® Protective Blend - 15ml

16 reviews
$6933 NZD
dōTERRA Balance® Grounding Blend - 15ml

9 reviews
$4400 NZD
dōTERRA ZenGest® Internal Blend - 15ml

6 reviews
$6333 NZD
dōTERRA Purify Refleshing Blend - 15ml

2 reviews
$4533 NZD
dōTERRA Ice Blue Athletic Blend - 5ml

4 reviews
$6667 NZD
dōTERRA Cheer® Uplifting Blend - 5ml

1 review
$6067 NZD
dōTERRA Peace® Reassuring Blend - 5ml

2 reviews
$6933 NZD
dōTERRA AromaTouch® Spa Blend - 15ml

1 review
$5467 NZD
dōTERRA Zendocrine® Restart Blend - 15ml

2 reviews
$6200 NZD
dōTERRA Console® Comforting Blend - 5ml

1 review
$9067 NZD
65 results