doTERRA Oceania Trio
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Inspired by the magnificent landscapes of the Oceania region, this Trio brings back memories of time spent outdoors. Whether at the beach, the outback, or the sands of the desert, experience the expansive scents, taking you back to nature's escape without ever leaving your home.

Oceania Trio Blends

doTERRA Coast™ Ocean Blend 15 mL
Desert Sand™ Outback Blend 15 mL
Native Bush™ Forest Blend 15 mL


  • Diffuse your blend of choice to elevate your surroundings with a natural aroma.
  • Diffuse during meditation or yoga to enhance your practice.
  • Diffuse to enjoy the enhancing aromas while at home, on the road, or at work.
  • Dilute with 2-3 drops of carrier oil and apply topically to elevate your mood and carry the natural aroma wherever you go.
  • Use in your next DIY to create a roll-on, bath bomb, natural soap bar, etc.


Add 3-8 drops in your doTERRA diffuser for a CPTG® pure aromatic experience.

For topical and aromatic use only.


Keep out of reach of children. Possible skin sensitivity. If you are pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas.

Primary Benefits

  • Featuring an expertly crafted powerhouse of CPTG essential oils.
  • Retreat to the peace and serenity of the forest with Native Bush Forest Blend.
  • Warm and woody Australian native Sandalwood and Buddhawood essential oils in Desert Sand help centre your emotions with its earthy, calm and grounding aroma.
  • doTERRA Coast Ocean Blend will help you feel like you've spent a day at the beach without ever leaving your home.

Aromatic Description

Relaxing, uplifting, peaceful