Complimentary dōTERRA Wholesale Account Includes Free Lemon - 25% Off All Future Orders
$000 AUD $4200 AUD

$200 minimum order required

Only available to new members that have not had a dōTERRA account previously.

Thank you for being a valued customer.  We invite you to this exclusive offer to upgrade to a wholesale membership and receive a Free Lemon Essential Oil as a thank you from us.  As a wholesale customer, you will receive 25% off all future orders and access to doTERRA's optional Loyalty Rewards program. 

Only available to customers 18 and older.  You will receive a wholesale account login at 25% off for all future orders.


  • doTERRA Wholesale Account - 25% off
  • dōTERRA Essential Oil Booklet that includes stickers, product catalog, and info on all dōTERRA's products.

  • Free Lemon Essential Oil 15ml

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